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County Drill- "Electrical Hazards" hosted by Choptank Electric - Worcester County Fire Training Center
Monday, May 17, 2010

Members from all departments throughout the county met to attend the County Drill of the Month. This months topic was "Electrical Hazards" and was hosted by Choptank Electric. Choptank employees told first responders about the hazards of coming in contact with power lines and transformers and how they can cause serious injury or even death. After a short lecture, a video was played which showed real life events of electical related accidents as well as how to handle the scenario when dispatched to a call of this nature. After the video, attendees were taken into the engine bay where Choptank employees had a demo setup which contained live powerlines, a transformer, and 2 light bulbs to simulated the home. A trained Choptank employee showed the effects on various items touching the power lines, such as tree branches, metal, and even a hot dog (to simulate human skin). This class was very interesting and was sure to have educated all members on the topic. Thank you Choptank Electric for taking the time to educate us on this topic that most know very little about.

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