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Assist Berlin with Fully Involved Shed Fire - 10101 Hayes Landing Road
Thursday, April 12, 2012

At approximately 0721 hours Thursday morning, Showell was alerted along with Newark Fire Department to Assist Berlin Fire Department with a fully involved Structure Fire. Soon after the response of Engine 803, Ocean Pines was also alerted to assist with the call. Engine 803 and Tanker 8 arrived on the scene and assisted crews with exterior attacks. Due to large propane tanks in the building, crews were unable to make any heavy advances into the structure. Berlin Squirt 603 was used to douse the fire from above, as well as reach some areas crews were unable to access from ground levels. After the majority of the fire was put out, crews entered the structure to begin overhaul on the C side of the building. After all seen fire was extinguished by ground crews, Berlin Squirt 603 continued to extinguish fire from the exterior. An excavator was called in to assist the Fire Marshall as well as to demolish some lingering parts of the building. Crews were on the scene fighting the fire for several hours. Once the building was deemed safe for fire personell to clear, the call was handed over to the Worcester County Fire Marshalls Office for further investigation. Units on scene: Engine 604, Ladder 603, Tanker 605, Brush 6, Engine 607, Engine 608, Utility 681, Engine 803, Tanker 8, Engine 1102, Engine 506,and the Worcester County Fire Marshalls Office.

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